Weekly Menu


Kresh Bon Kwido Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 Meatballs with rice, peas & Carrots Stewed Chicken, mashed potatoes, Brocoli Vegetarian Noodles Fried fish with Funchi Fried rice with chicken
Week 2 Stewed red kidney beans with
Stewed beef with potatoes
and beans
Fishburger with rice, Fried
Pumpkin soup with Lentlis
Chickenbreast cut small with
Week 3 Chicken breast, mashed
potatoes, spinach
Beans soup with pumpkins and
Macaroni with chicken,
Franks, tomatoe and lettuce
Stewed fish with rice and
fried banana
Fried rice with beans
Week 4 Stewed chicken withrice,
cucumber and tomato salad
Meatballs with mashed
Grilled chicken breast, rice
and corn
Lentlis beans burger,
macaroni and brocoli
Fish with funchi and pumpkin