About Us

On this page you’ll get to know the leaders and teachers of our Kresh:

christa_ciciliaMy name is Christa Cicilia.
I’ve been working at Kresh Bon Kwido for 17 years.   I like to work with children between the age of 0 – 4 years.  I have a diploma hotelvakschool, assistent aktiviteitenbegeleider and kreshleidster.  My hobbies are reading, cooking and watching television.  I’m always proud to see kids that I used to take care of in my group grow up to become nice people. I would like to think that I had some influence on their development.

joyceMy name is Joyce.
I started to work at the kresh in May, 2007 and I enjoy doing this job because I like children.  My hobbies are swimming, handcrafts, and cycling.




lysandra_weverMy name is Lysandra Wever.
I’ve been working at Kresh Bon Kwido for about four years and I’ve chosen this job because I love to work with children and I have a lot of patience with them.  I give them the education they need and I am always happy to go to work.  My hobbies are: swimming, listening to the radio, and play trefbal.



danielaMy name is Daniëla.
I’ve been working at Kresh Bon Kwido for about 17 years.  Babies are my favorite children to work with, but toddlers are also a lot of fun.  My hobbies are reading magazines and handcrafts.




ariolaMy name is Ariola.
I’ve been working for 17 years at Kresh Bon Kwido.  I enjoy working with children, especially babies.  I also babysit on Saturdays.  My hobbies are play softball and braiding hair.



jeanetteMy name is Jeanette.
I’’ve been working at the kresh for seven years. I have also worked in foster care for twelve years, but there I worked with much older kids. My hobbies are handcraft and reading books.



frangeskaMy name is Frangeska.
I’m 23 years old. I have a S.P.W 3 diploma.  Playing music is my passion, I love to sing and I can play different instruments like piano, guitar, bassguitar and kuarta.




euniceMy name is Eunice.
I’ve been working at Kresh Bon Wwido for about one year now.  I have a S.P.W diploma 3 and in one year more, I will have my assistent-teacher diploma.  I love to work with children, as I like to educate them so they can become better people.  My hobbies are singing and surfing on the Internet and traveling.  My favorite colors are green, orange, and blue.


simona_thomas_strickxMy name is Simona Thomas Strickx.
I’m 42 years old. I’ve studied Kresh leidster and I’ve upgraded my knowledge with numerous workshops. Actually I’ve been working for about eleven years at Kresh Bon Kwido. I love swimming and reading books.



milangelaMy name is Milangela.
I’m working as an administrative clerk at Kresh Bon Kwido.
My hobbies are listening to the radio, laughing, reading a book and dancing.  My favorite foods are roti, lasagne, and McDonalds.  My favorite colors are purple and blue.



ruthMy name is Ruth.
I’ve been cooking delicious meals for about 28 years  for the children who visit Kresh Bon Kwido.  I love to party, help other people, cooking, traveling, and fishing.  My favorite foods are fish and stewed food. I like children very much.



imeldaMy name is Imelda.
I love to cook. I’m an expert in baking pastechi and other typical Bonairean snacks. My hobbies are cooking and cleaning up.




jeanna_albertoMy name is Jeanna Aberto.
I have been working at the kresh for almost 5 years. My job is to make sure that the children of Kresh Bon Kwido have a clean environment to play in.